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Residency in Qatar

Find information about becoming a resident in Qatar, and how to apply...

Current regulations state that foreign workers cannot apply for permanent residency or citizenship in Qatar.


All foreigners must be sponsored in order to get a residency visa for Qatar.

There are three types of residency visa available:

  • Work Residence Permit: sponsorship by an employer is required; valid for one to three years after which time it must be renewed
  • Family Residence Visa: available to the immediate family of an expatriate who has a Work Residence Permit; valid for one to three years after which time it must be renewed
  • Real Estate Visa: applicable to overseas owners of property in designated developments; valid for five years or until the property is sold

All visas need a number of documents which have to be verified, and there is bureaucratic procedure to follow. Visa applicants must undergo and pass a medical test.

Applying for Residency

A person of any nationality can apply for residency, provided they have the requisite sponsorship from an employer or family member. Many applicants need to enter the country first on an Entry Visa, which has a number of restrictions.

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